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Convention Housing Management

Let's talk Housing!

     With over three decades of industry expertise and a commitment to ensuring nothing less than a positive housing experience no other company can match CHM's service excellence. Our clients expect and benefit from collaborative teamwork and planning strategies, experienced hotel contract negotiations, innovative hotel booking technology, and unstoppable staffing talent who focus on results and turn routine customer service into best-in-class personalized attention.   

What Can CHM Do For You?

     For 34 years CHM has been a trusted resource who thrives on providing clients with a custom-tailored approach to produce the most positive housing experience for their event, start to finish. Both large and small events have looked to CHM for hands-on, turnkey housing management in US and International venues.

     CHM streamlines the entire housing process and consistently produces high-value annual business within the hospitality network through long standing relationships with National and Global Hotel Sales personnel. CHM has earned a reputation within the hotel community for managing hotel blocks effectively, leaving no detail too small to go unchecked, and for representing the interests of our clients with skill and integrity. 

     With an unprecedented average staff tenure of 13 years our team is the best in the business, with sound problem-solving decision-making skills in managing the housing process we are uniquely positioned to guarantee a successful event.   


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We Take Housing to the Next Level

     Our mission is to provide clients and event participants with an unparalleled housing experience that no other housing company can match.  CHM is recognized for its commitment to service excellence, expertise in managing housing, and its highly regarded reputation within the hotel community which have all contributed to the 34-year success of the company. 

A Proven Solution

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     CHM manages housing for a diverse client base in the medical sciences, technology, education and agribusiness—each having unique requirements and priorities specific to their event. We have proven experience managing housing for events that range from high-profile conferences to large citywide tradeshows and meetings that book in excess of 9,000 rooms peak night in major top-tier venues in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.​ 

     CHM offers a blend of state-of-the-art technology with highly skilled, personable staff to guarantee event goers the best reservation experience possible.  Our goal is to ensure that clients have a smooth-running housing program that produces high occupancy and captures accurate pickup data and historical analytics. 

We Go Beyond Service 

     CHM staff talent is the best in the business, committed to making the extra effort to turn routine customer service into special treatment. We provide a turnkey high-touch housing solution with staff who are always available to take phone calls (no robo-menu or rerouting) and respond to emails throughout the business day. They’re prepared and well-positioned to anticipate needs and take preemptive measures to prevent problems so clients can concentrate their energies elsewhere.  CHM routinely collaborates on developing a plan to effectively handle VIP accommodations; complete timely waitlist assignments; assist with special needs requests; and tackle inventory fluctuations or constraints that may arise from other competing events over the event dates.


Account Management

     CHM handles all aspects of the housing program and more. A dedicated account manager will provide day-to-day support as the point person between your organization and participating hotels, handle the contract review process, and lend skill and expertise in contract negotiations.

     The account manager will provide management of all aspects of the housing program to include: hotel site inspections, planning and oversight of operations schedules and timelines, on-going analysis of pickup and pacing reports, and comprehensive post-event hotel audits.  

Housing Process

     CHM has developed proven procedures for successfully managing every aspect the housing process.  We manage sub-block assignments, coordinate suite approvals and assignments, handle waitlist requests and assignments, provide special handling for event staff, VIPs and speakers, and provide management reports throughout the booking process. 

     The CHM team works closely with exhibitor companies to reduce the potential for over-blocking rooms which can have an adverse effect on potential attrition liability particularly if rooms are canceled inside the hotel cut-off. CHM's online booking site includes a waitlist option if an attendee’s preferred hotel is unavailable at time of booking. When a room or block of rooms becomes available the attendee or exhibitor is promptly notified by phone or email and given the opportunity to move to their preferred hotel.     

Inventory Control

     Inventory management is a critical component in the day-to-day housing operation -- and we're experts at it! Prior to opening housing particular attention is given to deadlines and specific contract terms that could affect how the reservations are managed to avoid the possibility of attrition at specific hotels.  Our team remains in contact with the hotels to make adjustments to inventory as needed to maximize the block pickup.

     Throughout the booking process, CHM regularly monitors travel content sites to ensure no lower rates are offered over the event dates.  In the event a lower rate is offered by a hotel, CHM will immediately request that they adjust their published rate or extend the lower rate to event attendees. 

     CHM takes a proactive aggressive approach to mitigate attrition and potential penalties for clients. Working with the hotels we explore all available options (e.g., extending the cutoff date to allow more time to fill the block) to avoid attrition penalties.  

On-Site Customer Care

     CHM is on-site to assist with staff/VIP check-in and amenity requests and manage last-minute changes. We assist attendees with reservation issues or new requests, changes and cancellations, review and verify hotel no-show reports, resolve issues and attend to special requests. 

     Prior to arriving on-site CHM staff will reconcile hotel guest lists with a focus on verifying arrival datesto ensure that they're correct and match with our dataand that share-with reservations are accurately noted on the reservation.


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